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Is your website a Google Page 2 regular?

Internet Marketing - 10 Jul 2012

Is your website a Google Page 2 regular?

A website is the online face of a business. It showcases the strengths, achievements, futuristic projections and current offers in the form of products and/or services for the target audience. However, a website that is not SEO-friendly or lacks quality optimization to rank well on the major search engines remains dormant at its latter result pages.

A food for thought is that more than 94% of the searches made on Google don’t bother to go beyond the first page. Anything on the second page or beyond gets secondary preference in most cases. The stats indicate that a lot of people using search engines such as Google across the world rely more on the first page search result than the pages after that. Therefore, it is even more important that one strives for the first page ranking for their website and not settle for anything below that.

Quality optimization ensures that the website does not act as any other website that merely exists on the Internet. It should have the right mix of calls to action strategically placed on the site with quality HTML tags and other Meta tags attached to it. Moreover, a site that aims for search engine success needs to be optimized using effective off-page optimization using traditional means such as PPC and the current best trends such as social media marketing, viral campaigns, video marketing etc.

In case your website is among the toppers only on the second page or third page of Google, remember that you need the right push to gain momentum. Use the latest and proven internet marketing tools and strategies to move up the ladder. Dedicating internet marketing prove beneficial to track competitor activities and indulge in quality keyword research for your website.

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