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Knowing When to Redesign Your Website

Website Design - 29 Aug 2016

Knowing When to Redesign Your Website

A lot has changed in the world of website design and the way in which consumers now purchase their goods and services. If you had your website designed quite some time ago, chances are high that it is not meeting the needs of your business, or customers today.

Indications of knowing when to redesign your website can include:

Content Is Outdated And/Or Irrelevant

If the content on your website is not unique, interesting, or relevant to any audience, then your readership will be next to nil. Relevant content is an important component to engaging potential readers and satisfying the site ranking needs of major search engines.

Website Is Performing Poorly

If it’s taking more than a couple of seconds for your site to load and/or your pages are appearing with 404 error messages, these signs would indicate a good time to redesign your website. Online users are impatient these days and they want to be able to access information quickly, without delay.

Adding Website Features Are Too Difficult And/Or Too Costly

Older websites which were constructed using hard coding by a programmer make adding extra website features, or modifying existing website features a difficult and costly task. In order to add, or edit website features, you would need to hire a knowledgeable programmer and pay the cost of having them do the work. More up to date CMS platforms make website management and updates much easier.

Website Isn’t Appearing In The Search Engines

Search engines are the tools by which Internet users are able to locate your business. If your business website is difficult to locate, or doesn’t appear at all in the search rankings, it’s time to redesign your website.

When it comes to the redesign of your website, you want to make sure that it is built for expansion in the future and includes all of the components necessary to drive forth online business success. If you don’t have the time, or expertise to complete such an important project, consider hiring a professional Vancouver web design company.

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