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Latest Social Media Algorithm Changes Are Positive

Social Media Marketing - 27 May 2016

Latest Social Media Algorithm Changes Are Positive

It is not uncommon for online businesses to roll their eyes when they hear of a new algorithm being rolled out by Google. While many feel algorithm changes mean extra work and hassle for the business owner, there are some key benefits with keeping up with the latest social media algorithms.

Social media remains one of the top marketing tools for online businesses and by keeping up with the latest algorithm changes you ensure you are posting only quality content to meet your readership wants and needs. In addition, you gain valuable insight about what your users truly want, which in turn enhances potential conversion rates.

One of the latest social media algorithm changes to face online business owners and followers alike is related to Instagram. With 400 million users impacted, Instagram has pulled the plug on posting feeds chronologically and replaced this feature with an algorithm based feeds function. While many may dislike receiving filtered feeds, others will be thankful for clearing up feed clutter.

Feed personalization is not a new concept and is commonly used amongst the big game players in social media, such as Facebook. Given Google’s insistence on enhancing user experience, it was inevitable for social media channels to switch over to using algorithm based feed management. Algorithms play an important role in preventing social media users from being inundated with steady streams of irrelevant posts and ensuring that users get what they want.

Instagram raising the bar essentially means restructuring your social media marketing strategies to accommodate such changes in order to remain competitive in the online arena. If you want to drive traffic to your website and boost your sales, you will need to work a little harder to ensure that you are delivering what will generate user interest.

With social media only growing exponentially, social media algorithm filtering is likely to be on the constant rise and, as such, will likely be the norm going forward. If you choose to neglect your content and fall behind on meeting the criteria for the algorithms being rolled out, you will be sabotaging the future success of your business. Put your users’ interest first and you can feel confident that you are doing the right thing.

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