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Nirvana Canada Partners with WordLogic Corp on REACH Software Development

Web Development - 24 Apr 2015

Nirvana Canada Partners with WordLogic Corp on REACH Software Development

Nirvana Canada is excited to announce that they have entered into an agreement with WordLogic Corp. To aid them in finalizing the development and deployment of their REACH search engine software. WordLogic is a predictive intelligence technology company that has signed a firm letter of intent to grant global licensing to all of their patents and patent pending REACH. The agreement with Nirvana is aimed at facilitating the completion of the software development and the deployment of WordLogic’s REACH software, an advertising search engine that is to be applied to pre-existing applications, with a high volume of users, seeking a revolutionary revenue model.

Nirvana Canada, along with a well-funded private venture firm, will help finalize the completion of the software development. There is an expected 6-month cycle for completion of development, as well as a 10-month market penetration period. With an example of 1 million users utilizing REACH technology in applications, there is a predicted potential revenue of $3 million per quarter. This revenue is to be split 40/60 to Wordlogic and the venture fund respectively (revenue is split after commissions).

REACH technology is an exciting prospect. The software pulls key information from installed applications without leaving the current screen and allows consumers to remain in one place while accessing information and media from other applications. Nirvana Canada is always eager to invest in developing advanced and state of the art technologies just like REACH. Their aim is to continually revolutionize the way consumers access information online.

The contract between the parties will be agreed upon and finalized within the next 10 days. Please also visit Nirvana Canada on Facebook at wanting more information regarding REACH technology can be view the descriptive video available at

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