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Online Business and Importance of Web Development

Online Marketing - 9 Nov 2011

Online Business and Importance of Web Development

Thriving online businesses entail an effective web development basic to lead the market. Web development helps to take your business around the world to extend your domain and maximize your profits. In the present e-world, online presence for any business is highly imperative to boom in the fierce competition.

In a broad sense web development is the term that includes everything from building, designing, creating and embedding social plugins in a Website with the use of effective codes. It is not merely a language or practice of writing code.

To go deep Web Development codes comprises two main areas:

  1. Client side coding
  2. Server side coding

The former refers to the application that is directly experienced by a user on the web. Let us take an example: software like Adobe Flash Player is used for viewing animations and movies. While Microsoft Silver light is a browser plugin for Microsoft that allows animation, graphics and high-definition video playback.

Server side coding is basically for server. This refers to the computer programmes that are run to serve the requirements of other programs which are not necessarily being running on the same computer. Such codes area understood only by the server and not by the user.

These codes are: ASP, PHP, CSP, ColdFusion and more.

Careful!  While developing a website:

> Avoid Over-Commenting the Code

> Before you take on a project always remember to go through the manual to check if the function that you intend to develop does not already exist 

> While building your application it is strongly recommended that you keep your error reporting and display errors features on to view the run-time errors continuously

> Create a simple, stimulating and user friendly website with clear navigation

Development is always based on the type of website it is implemented on. Depending on the type of website marketing/campaigns/ branding the codes run from very simple to complicated. However if there is a big marketing budget complex codes to explore the potential of digital campaigns are also acquired. As a matter of fact it is only the Web developers who understand the language of computers so their effective implementation and building is the key source for the outcome of a Well Developed Website.


Key benefits of Web development projects:

  • Greater Flexibility: Greater flexibility can be attained if you analyze your business in a methodical manner and then the developer implement matching solutions as per the industry standards.
  • Technical Expertise: It is necessary to have technical expertise which is only possible with proper web development services. To keep abreast with the current technology trends is imperative to build an expertise website.
  • Integrated Marketing is possible with a properly optimized and developed website. A site developed with proven marketing techniques ensures higher traffic and generate more leads.
  • Web development execution makes it very easy to share any marketing campaign with friends and followers through social plugin like Facebook, Twitter etc.
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