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Priority Inbox in Gmail for Mobile

Internet Marketing - 9 Feb 2011

Priority Inbox in Gmail for Mobile

Did you ever realize that Gmail would provide with a fundamentalfeature that enables you to focusing on important messages. If you ever ponder that your phone is jinxed due to its minuscule screen because it does not let youto scrutinizingthe messages, think again. You will be delighted to know that Gmail mobile web app now sustains Priority Inbox.

Priority Inbox helps fighting information overload by identifying your important messages automatically so you can concentrate on those first than the other ones. As we all know that our inboxes get banged with hundreds or thousands of messages a day, could be a mail from colleagues, from lists, about appointments or automated mail, it becomes a tedious task for us to figure out what message needs to be read and what needs to be replied.

You would be astonished to know that until today, this facet was available on desktop and Android devices.

Priority Inbox splits your inbox into three sections:

a)    Important and unread

b)    Starred

c)    Everything else

Gmail automatically flags some of the messages as important as soon as they hit your inbox. It uses a variety of signals to procrastinate which messages are important, including those people you email most, for example, you email Dorothy a lot, apparently, a message from Dorothy is important and which messages you open and reply to.

You will be getting acquainted with Priority Inbox over the next week and apart from Gmail users, it can be used by those who use Google Apps.

Once you see “New Priority Inbox” link in the top right corner of your Gmail account, grab the opportunity to explore it.



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