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Reach for the Sky: Clean-up That Black Hat SEO!

Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization - 15 Apr 2014

Reach for the Sky: Clean-up That Black Hat SEO!

So you’re doing business in the Vancouver area? You’re a travel agent or a lawyer…. Maybe you’re a construction contractor, a manufacturer, a supplier… Doesn’t matter! So why is everybody talking to you about SEO? Well, it’s been around for a while now and regardless of the line of business you’re in, you cannot ignore its importance.

In basic terms, SEO is the process of making your business or website easier to find. It’s about targeting the correct type of visitor. The most obvious elements of SEO relate to content and specifically to keywords. Optimizing content so search engines can crawl and index it more efficiently! What does it take to be “search engine-friendly”? Well your website pages better load fast. They better be free of errors and you better have the right people working on the mark-up. It’s about being succinct. Bring what’s important into focus and defocus everything else. Manage how your website is crawled by directing crawlers towards the things that matter.

The landscape is ever changing of course as the clouds drift over it. One of the biggest worries today is disruptive SEO, sometimes called Black Hat SEO. It’s dirtying up channels with risky links and negative marketing techniques. This kind of marketing is the equivalent of a mosquito buzzing in your ear. Sometimes you tolerate it, sometimes you swipe at it.

If you have an older website you should see if your links need cleaning up. There are lots of professional solutions available for SEO. Link-building is one of the most basic forms of search engine optimization. It’s one of the oldest tools of the trade. When your website links to another and they link back you’re creating inbound and outbound traffic in two directions. You’re expanding your web presence and increasing your searchability. At least this has always been the idea.

Google is becoming less tolerant of disruptive and negative links. As a result, legitimate marketers are now at pains to remove negative links from their client brands. When it comes to crawling, indexing or ranking, there is no one-fix solution to any of them. They must be dealt with on a continuous basis with regular check-ups.

The first rule of thumb is to build a good site. Define the terms of your business and the voice of your company. Build a safe and responsible community. Be social. Stick to your industry. Maintain a good quality of content on your site and with the sites you link to. When you engage with your community do so in a social way. Do not disrupt them. For SEO, seek out a reputable company.

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