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Secure Money Transactions through your Website

Business, Online Marketing - 30 Apr 2014

Secure Money Transactions through your Website

It is an obvious fact that people at times are not comfortable with online transactions. However EPS has emerged as a secure online payment method. Ecommerce Payment System or Electronic Payment System (EPS) is the acceptance of electronic payment for online transactions. The widespread use of this system of payment for online shopping and banking has increased its popularity among consumers. It is a convenient mode of payment for consumers because starting from select an item to purchasing and from entering your bank account details to payment, everything is made very easy. It is just a matter of few clicks that one can make a secure payment online.

Benefits of Electronic Payment System for Online Business

This mode of transaction is not only convenient but time saving too. By offering electronic payment to customers one can expand the chances of business growth by lessening the customer’s burden of cash payment. In addition, a satisfied customer will most likely return to the e-commerce business website he once transacted with.

Easy collection of details, authentication and verified payment process makes this online payment process a popular and convenient mode of payment option.

Web Development and Designing Process

The key role for an online business owner is to know how to choose best Web Designing Company. By choosing the best in the industry you have the greater advantage of hiring innovative programmers and creative website designer who are masters in their field of technicalities.

The growth witnessed in e-commerce industries and the fast transitions of many businesses to the online structure has given rise to the high demands of e-commerce solutions for a business website.

Web developers utilize highly advanced techniques and customized e-commerce solutions in developing business sites like; online order systems, online calendars and schedulers, shopping carts etc. They design attractive catalog and user friendly solutions to make convenient virtual stores for customers.

A good web programmer will make sure to enable secured shopping for online shoppers, by relying on highly encrypted ecommerce solutions. Your online business website should provide features for customers that supports online facilities like multiple payment gateways, express checkout etc.

Setting up an E-payment Medium for your Business

If you want to set up an online payment facility on your website, you have to first of all decide on the payment solution you want to apply. Then set up a secured encryption to make intruders impossible to intercept any of your confidential information or your customers’ details.

After installing a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology which is used for encrypting the security data, you need to register your business site with a digital authentication service. A digital certificate will assure customers that your site is legitimate and that their information is safe and secured from cyber criminals. Then you need to opt for a system that will process the credit card and debit card payments.

Online Payment Methods Most Commonly Used

The most commonly used methods of online electronic payments or internet banking are through the structures of Net Banking, PayPal and Google Wallet. These methods are secured and encrypted from any sorts of security breach.

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