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Simple Steps to Integrate Amazon With Shopify

Shopify - 17 Apr 2017

Simple Steps to Integrate Amazon With Shopify

Simple Steps to Integrate Amazon With Shopify

Many e-commerce businesses are powered by Shopify, due to its extensive functionality for building online stores, its professional templates and around-the-clock support. If you are an e-commerce business owner who uses Shopify, you may want to consider integrating your store with Amazon to provide a boost to your sales.

With Amazon being one of the largest and most trusted online retailers on the digital landscape, connecting Amazon with your Shopify store is a great way to get your business off the ground and generate an increase in sales.

Here are some simple,easy-to-follow steps to integrate Amazon with Shopify:

• Ensure Your Shopify Store Is Compatible

You must have an active Shopify account that includes products which fit into Amazon’s eligible categories.You can find a complete listing of categories which require approval from Amazon here:

• Create A Professional Seller Account On Amazon.Com

In order to integrate Amazon with your store, you’ll need to create a professional seller account on The process for creating an account is easy. Here is the link for creating an account:

• Add Amazon As A Sales Channel

The next step involved with integrating Amazon with your Shopify store is to add Amazon as a sales channel within the admin panel of Shopify, by clicking on the “+” symbol beside “Sales Channels.”

• Ensure Your Products Include UPC Codes

In order to sell your Shopify products on Amazon you need to ensure your products include identifiers known commonly as UPCs. If you do not have product UPCs you can purchase them from a reseller, or via GS1.

• Create Product Listings In Amazon Sales Channel

Using your Shopify admin panel, navigate to the Amazon sales channel and create a product listing. Simply add your products from your Shopify store (including product details) and publish.

• Select Inventory Tracking Option And Begin Selling

There are two tracking options for managing your Amazon listings within Shopify: using Shopify inventory tracking, or manually managing inventory. Once you selected an option you can officially begin selling your products.

Having the ability to reach more customers by tapping into one of the largest online marketplaces is a huge advantage. Connect Amazon with Shopify today and see your conversion rates rise.

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