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The Big Reveal: Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2018

Website Design - 10 Mar 2018

The Big Reveal: Top 10 Web Design Trends for 2018

10 Web Design Trends for 2018

Modern-day businesses need to revisit their online presence every year to ensure they are doing all they can to attract and retain customers. Both technology and the wants and needs of today’s consumers continually change at a rapid pace, leaving today’s businesses faced with some big challenges in keeping ahead.

If you haven’t yet analyzed your site Web design for 2018, it’s time to get a move on. Procrastination will have a significant detrimental effect on your company’s ability to compete against other businesses, who have their digital marketing strategies in place. Here is the big reveal for the top 10 Web design trends for 2018:

• Use Of Animations

The use of animations in web design continues to play a strong role in keeping website visitors engaged. Animations can also be very effective for conveying the business brand or explaining how to use products.

• Lots Of Color

A big trend in web design this year is adding bolder brighter colors, which adds a modern visual flair to sites.

• Whitespace

The use of whitespace to create visual appealand declutter websites will be popular among web designers this year.

• Oversized Fonts

Incorporating oversized fonts can serve to bring visual interest to websites and create a sense of uniqueness for brand identities.

• Unique Page Layouts

For 2018, using unique page layouts will be a popular trend. Adding diagonal or off-balanced pages and elements makes websites more interesting to the eye.

• Mobile Optimization

While not necessarily the newest of web design trends, companies are starting to take more of a mobile first approach to web design.

• 3-D Buttons

A great way to attract the eye of site visitors and encourage higher CTA’s is by adding 3-D buttons to pages.

• Rich Imagery

Enhancing the user experience continues to be important for 2018, so web designers are including high res custom images and video as a means of attracting site visitors.

• Micro Interactions

Used for creating dynamic user interfaces, which help improve user engagement. An example of a micro-interaction is adding a hover effect to buttons, giving users some insight as to what will happen if they click on a button.

• Particle Backgrounds

The inclusion of particle backgrounds ensures websites load faster and are effective in grabbing the attention of site visitors.

Web design trends change every year, but for 2018 these top 10 Web design trends will help keep your business website ahead of the competition.

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