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Tips To Make Your Web Design Stick

Website Design - 17 May 2019

Tips To Make Your Web Design Stick

Tips To Make Your Web Design Stick

A well-designed website is one where visitors spend the most time, because they clearly love what they see and can find what they need. If you are just getting started, it’s essential to focus on the stickiness stats of your website to help improve conversions and get your name to stand out in people’s minds.

Dropping your bounce rate to reasonable levels is a good sign that your visibility is improving. If visitors are spending more time on your website, it can only mean that your design and user experience is on track.

From your logo to your brand colours and layout, every detail is important on a website. Here are some tips and tricks to help you build a website worth browsing.

1. Let Your Logo Tell The Story

Think of the logo as the heart of your branding. It’s easier starting with the logo, because from there you can unwrap the look and feel you want for your website. Therefore, you should communicate your company’s message through a simple image and a bold, impactful persona. Telling your story can be as simple as using your logo to convey not only what your company does, but also why your company does it.

2. Keep It Simple

You don’t need a website full of bells and whistles like a Christmas tree to stand out and make people stay on it; in fact, this often has the opposite effect. Cluttered websites confuse visitors and hinder user experience, so keep things simple and focus attention on the content instead of what’s going on around it.

3. Choose The Right Colours And Fonts

The colours and fonts you choose for your website have to become part of your branding gracefully, but also be technically helpful to add to the navigation experience.

Part of the job is to also use your colours and fonts well, like contrasting colours off each other and playing with fonts sizes to establish visual hierarchy.

4. Don’t Go Cheap On Images

Although optional, if you do choose to use your own photography in your web design, make sure you do it right. Effective, meaningful photography can further your business goals, but poor-quality photos hold you back.

Images of people tend to engage users more; especially pictures of your actual staff or actual customers.

Keep in mind that photography comes in almost infinite styles, so use the ones that best reflect what your website is going for. If you want a cheerful website, use pictures of people smiling.

5. Prioritize Mobile

Thinking of web design in terms of just the desktop screen is so 2000. Nowadays. people spend most of their browsing on mobile devices. So it would be completely useless if you don’t make sure your website is responsive to all mobile screens, just as strong as in your desktop version.

This is not just for your users’ sake, but for Google’s as well—the Google algorithm factors mobile responsiveness into their search rankings.

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