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Understanding Content and Design: Combining Them Effectively to Create a Successful Website

Website Design - 18 May 2018

Understanding Content and Design: Combining Them Effectively to Create a Successful Website

Content and Design

There has been, and continues to be, debate on whether or not content for a website should precede the actual web design. Some may say the aesthetics of web design is of little value if the content is irrelevant to website users, and vice versa, if the content is interesting and relevant, but the web design is aesthetically unappealing to the eye and/or difficult to navigate, it will not be valuable.

While the debate continues over whether content or design should be tackled first, most can agree that both Web elements of content and design are critical for an effective website. As the art of web design matures over time, we are seeing both content and design as not separate web design elements, but rather closely connected, and combining them effectively produces a website that is useful to users.

Google is an excellent example of how important combining content and design together is when it comes to creating websites that are user-friendly and relevant.Nowadays, businesses wishing to launch a successful website that will rank well among popular search engines should be building their website with an eye to combining content and design simultaneously,in order to achieve an enhanced user experience and strong brand connectivity.

While the visual elements of a website pave the way to conversions, it is the written content that keeps the user engaged and willing to complete conversions. Connecting both the content and design process brings about a sense of cohesiveness to the business brand image and enhances a strong digital connection between business brands and their consumers.

The strategy of combining content and design effectively during the web building process is one that is catching on among today’s online business owners, as they are starting to realize the importance of bringing about the best in user experience design. By having both the web designer and the copywriter working and communicating synchronously,both website content and design are kept in alignment, which will result in the delivery of a truly authentic website experience for users.
The debate over what element in the web development process should take place first, content or design, may never be settled, but what is for certain is that all successful website projects must be well-planned and executed collaboratively between the web designer and copywriter.

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