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Understanding The Differences Between Web Design and Web Development

Website Design - 21 Nov 2015

Understanding The Differences Between Web Design and Web Development

With the constant growth of the Web industry, it’s common to hear terms relating to both Web design and Web Development, but just how good is your understanding of the differences between the two?

In the Web community, neither are looked upon differently, as both are highly respected in the industry and are deemed a necessity in putting together a great Website. Although at a first glance they appear to be similar in nature, there are some very distinct differences between them, particularly with respect to responsibilities and deliverables.

When it comes to Web design, Web designers are essential for addressing the Website design from the “front end.” Designing involves the process of creating the look and feel of a Website tailored to match business brands, along with the creation of various visual elements, such as graphics, logos, animations, etc. A key deliverable that is critical to the success of a Website is designing the Website using creativity and appropriate design tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, JavaScript and CSS to name a few.

As far as Web development is concerned, Web developers cater to the overall functionality of the Website. Examples of added functionalities could include an e-commerce shopping cart, booking calendar, and a registration system. Web development involves the process of bringing about interactivity to a Website using a variety of programming languages, ranging from JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Java and HTML 5.

Web developers and Web designers both have different skill sets, but combined together can make a powerful duo. That being said, the odds of finding one individual who can master both front and back end design and development aren’t very high. There are a number of different programming languages out there and the learning curve is steep, resulting in most programmers specializing in only a few.

When it comes to putting together the necessary building blocks needed to produce a useful Website for visitors and one which also meets the needs of the business, it’s best to ensure that you engage both Web design and Web development specialists for your Website project.

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