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Unleash the Power of Instagram and Build Your Brand

Social Media Marketing - 21 Mar 2017

Unleash the Power of Instagram and Build Your Brand

Power of Instagram

There are a number of social media networks out there that businesses use for purposes of building their business brand, such as Facebook and Twitter, but what some businesses may be overlooking is the power of Instagram and how it can boost awareness of their brand.

In terms of strategies followed by expert SEO agencies, social media channels make it possible to divert traffic to the business website. Since Instagram is very popular in the contemporary times, it also helps in directing prospective clients to the business website.

Developed and introduced to the masses in 2010, Instagram, a social photo sharing network has matured over the years from being a social app, appealing to teenagers, to being an effective marketing tool for businesses, to generate new leads and boost their business brand.

So what do you need to do to unleash the power of Instagram and start building your brand?

Here are a few ways techniques to get you started:

1. Link Your Instagram Account to Your E-Commerce Site

A great way to build upon your brand is by boosting traffic to your e-commerce site. Once you have your Instagram account set up, make sure to include a link to your online store, via your Instagram page.

2. Exercise Brand Consistency

In an effort to keep your business brand recognizable, you need to keep your branding elements consistent throughout Instagram. Consider using the same business name you use across other social media channels for your Instagram name, and use visual images which correlate with your business brand.

3. Use Popular Hashtags

Through the use of hashtags, you can direct your business brand to a targeted audience. You should include a few hashtags which refer to your brand, and other popular hashtags as well, so you can expose your brand to a greater audience.

4. Include Professional, High-Quality, and Creative Photos

Given that Instagram is an app and service that is based on enabling users to share both pictures and videos through various social media networking platforms, you as an online business owner will want to post only the best photos, which capture your brand essence and culture, so that you can stand out among a sea of other images posted by competitors. Photos should be professional-looking, high resolution, and should include creative elements which resonate your business brand.

While both Facebook and Twitter still remain the most popular social networking channels that online businesses gravitate to for marketing their brands, Instagram can be a very powerful tool for businesses seeking to increase followers and gain brand exposure.

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