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Why Use Drupal Website for Your Business Website

Web Development - 1 Nov 2013

Why Use Drupal Website for Your Business Website

Many small and big businesses have started upgrading to Drupal for its flexibility and easy-to-use framework. Using CMS like Joomla, WordPress and Magento can help in easy content management. However, when you are not satisfied with the outcome, it is time you should upgrade to Drupal website designing to create and manage your website. There are many benefits of a Drupal website. Let us discuss the major benefits here.


Free Open Source CMS

The first benefit is that Drupal is a free, open source content management framework in PHP. You can share and distribute the content and modify it as and when needed. Drupal is continuously developing as many programmers contribute to it and enables web developers to experiment with new features. With the help of Drupal, it is easy to build websites quickly.  Designers and developers who use Drupal CMS do not have to start from scratch while positioning a new website.

Flexible Application Programming Interface

Drupal website gives ample scope for application programming interface and allows embedding multi-programming languages to get the required features on your website. Drupal can include APIs like AdSense Drupa API, Facebook and Twitter Drupal API, Youtube API, Constant Contact Drupal API, Google Apps and Analytics Drupal API and many more for creating a customized website. Drupal websites can run on any computer platform supporting PHP on a web server and a database to store content.


Drupal content management system is one of the most secure programming languages and the sources of text, multimedia elements, back-end database, is shielded. This prevents hackers to extract information from your website.

SEO friendly

Drupal Websites are search engine friendly as the Meta tags are easily located and search engines crawl to index it easily. This meets the sole purpose of creating a website as it ranks higher in the search engine listings.

Mobile Website Auto-Generation

As the browsing habits are changing, people tend to browse websites using their smart phones. It becomes inevitable for website owners to create a mobile version of their websites. Drupal offers an easy add-on that generates a mobile version of your site in just few clicks.

Considering the above benefits of a free open source, Flexible Application Programming Interface, high security, SEO friendly designs, auto-generation of mobile version of a website, you may upgrade to Drupal Website design. If you have made up your mind to take advantage of the benefits that Drupal website offers, you should contact a professional website designing and development company to create a custom Drupal website or redesign your site using Drupal.

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