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WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal: An Overview of 3 Popular CMS Platforms

Web Development - 6 Jan 2017

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal: An Overview of 3 Popular CMS Platforms

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal

While there are a number of CMS platforms available in today’s market, three of the most popular CMS solutions being used by businesses these days include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

If you’re considering choosing one of these popular CMS platforms for your next website, consider the following features for each before making your selection:

WordPress Features:

• Highly SEO friendly
• Hundreds of high-quality themes
• Zero cost attached (open sourced software)
• Over 40,000 plugins available, so extending, or expanding on functionalities is simple
• Well supported by a community of professionals (developers, coders, and testers)
• Mobile friendly
• Easy to use (no technical skill set required)
• Highly scalable (WordPress can be used to support small projects, such as a blog, or support large projects involving a number of websites on one server)
• Built with security in mind (security plugins are available)

Joomla Features:

• Zero cost attached (open sourced software)
• Quick and easy to install (approximately 10 minutes)
• Thousands of free plug-ins available (not as many as WordPress)
• Moderate learning curve involved (not as beginner friendly as WordPress, but not as steep a learning curve as Drupal)
• Simple site management
• Highly flexible, enabling multiple extensions simultaneously
• Great solution for powering eCommerce sites
• SEO friendly
• Fully customizable templates enabling site designers to update website designs easily

Drupal Features:

• Advanced knowledge and skills are required (not as user friendly)
• Over 8000 modules available and a number of themes and extensions (premium modules and themes cost more than WordPress)
• Built-in caching
• Enterprise-level security
• Supports large volumes of content
• Robust framework (ideal for larger enterprise website solutions)
• Designed for SEO
• Well supported by a community of Drupal users

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal all have powerful features that can help levitate companies’ websites to a level that meets the needs of both developers and end users. Take an analysis of what your business needs and goals are, and then determine which CMS platform to use, based on the features your site requires.

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