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WordPress Vs Drupal: Which CMS Is the Best?

Web Development - 29 Dec 2015

WordPress Vs Drupal: Which CMS Is the Best?

If you’re looking for the best content management system platform for your website, you need to know who the star players are in the CMS arena and move on to compare the differences among them. There are a number of different software platforms available, but only a few are among the popular choices of online businesses today.

Making the top of the list are two powerful yet very different CMS platforms: WordPress and Drupal. In an effort to provide some clarity on two of the most sought after CMS solutions, here is a description which outlines the features and functionalities of both:


With over 140 million downloads, WordPress is a very popular choice for businesses of all sizes. A big feature favored among many is WordPress’s out-of-the-box ease of installation. The simplicity of this platform enables non-technical users the ability to build and launch a website with relative ease and speed. WordPress includes a user-friendly dashboard making administrative duties simple to complete and has a huge plug-in library, giving websites a number of options for functionalities.

In terms of customization, WordPress themes can be custom designed, given that one has some knowledge on both HTML and CSS. Although this CMS platform isn’t considered as robust as Drupal, it is a suitable solution for many website projects.


As a CMS platform that has been around since 2001, Drupal has become a favorite among tech savvy developers who depend heavily on needing a robust CMS system to support data intensive sites.

Although there is a steeper learning curve than others on the market, Drupal is very powerful, in that it can support pages upon pages of content without issue and, in terms of being development friendly, it does a great job, as it enables developers the opportunity to create custom solutions from the ground up.

Given Drupal offers strong SEO capabilities, scalability and robust stability, it is a popular choice amongst enterprise companies.

When it comes to comparing WordPress Vs Drupal as suitable CMS solutions for your website requirements, always consider features, ease-of-use and capabilities and the scale and functionality required for your website.

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