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Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App Development

Progressive Web Apps use modern web capabilities to deliver incredible mobile app experiences with no app stores or downloads required.

Progressive web apps integrate the best features and functionalities of mobile browser apps and native apps, so you get the benefits of both and can serve all users on all devices with a single platform. Our PWAs are highly-optimized, reliable, discoverable, linkable, web-based, network independent, progressive, and responsive. They can be easily found on search engines, used on any device and browser, and can be saved to a device’s home screen for easy accessibility. They can be shared by simply sending a URL link, and they can also be used to deliver push notifications.

Advanced features, such as offline browsing, data analysis, and easy distribution channels provide users with the best experience and open the door for new business opportunities. Offline browsing capability, in particular, makes PWAs highly user- and conversion-friendly, because users can still interact with them when they are in an area with poor or no internet connectivity.

More Installations

More Installations

PWAs install instantly and occupy very little space, so people don’t hesitate to install them.


PWAs load faster, work offline, send push notifications, and are engaging, so they offer an exceptional experience.


Progressive web apps are always current, because they get automatically updated.


Our professionally designed and developed PWAs provide an outstanding user experience, reliable performance & functionality, and free your business from the limitations of app stores.

  • We have been in the industry for more than 10years
  • We invest in the best resources and have well-defined procedures and quality benchmarks
  • We build custom websites and apps
  • Our websites and apps are fast, reliable, engaging, and secure
  • We provide unmatched support and maintenance
  • We have served many industries, including healthcare, real estate, ecommerce, cleaning, deliveries, and more.


The FleetZen app, your “buddy with a truck” enables easy, hassle-free load transfers. The mobile application offers a user-friendly application interface that has flexible payment integration along with easy booking facility. Initially, the mobile app was in a commercial taxi booking structure, which was refined to become an effective application that runs on multiple devices across different platforms.

The application currently operates on Android and iOS platforms. Our mobile app design engineers have enhanced its design and interface to provide an excellent user experience. The application offers online booking, tracking, and payment services across select cities in North America. FleetZen further plans to expand its services to more cities, based on the success of the mobile app.

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