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The Knowledge Action Portal on NCDs (KAP) Is a community platform to share knowledge andincrease awareness on NCD prevention through multi-sectoral and multi- stakeholderparticipation. The KAP is hosted by the World Health Organization’s Global coordination mechanism to combat the challenge that Noncommunicable diseases pose to the world today.

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Problem Statement

Nirvana Canada was tasked to do a thorough qualitative assessment of the KAP website which led us to realize how the site wasn’t designed to effectively communicate the purpose of the portal which was to not only connect a global audience but also help them access resources on NCD’s in the most uncomplicated manner. Some of the glaring issues included an outdated navigation, the site not being interactive enough and the biggest pain point for a user landing on the site, was its puzzling information architecture.

Research and Discovery

We began our R&D with user interviews. We set a definitive target audience of the site’s primary audience which was between the ages of 20-50. Since the portal’s user case was fairly large, we tested potential users and took into account their varied thoughts and what they would require from the site. Here were some highlights from our review.

20-30 years

found the website’s user interface dated and not engaging enough. It was a struggle for themto find relevant data and upload data that they uploaded in a well formatted manner.

30-40 years

found the website confusing. After logging in as a KAP user, their dashboards were not intuitive enough.

40-50 years

found the typography not web friendly enough and the colours jarring.


Since users would be accessing reports, the NCD database and published articles on the new site, it was essential to chalk out the site and portal’s information architecture. The KAP is not only an “access only” platform but included users toparticipate as contributors on the platform. This involved them setting up an account on the platform to:

  • Suggest new knowledge resources
  • Success stories to the portal,
  • Create tailored content collections,
  • Join communities of practice.

Site Map

We began with building the information architecture of the site and portal. From determining content hierarchy to navigation elements, we prepared our site and dashboard map and moved further to our low fidelity wire-framing process.

Visual Design

The site and dashboards initial design was dated and dark. There was no determined way of structuring content and the overall visual language and UI material on the platform was heavily inconsistent. With our new design we gave the KAP a

  • Lighter and more contemporary look and feel.
  • The content on the site had a distinctive hierarchy.
  • We set the language for displaying banners, imagery, typography.
  • We built a memorable layout for their published material and resources, all colour coded with a legible hero image for better user recollection.
  • We replaced the missable side menu and gave the KAP an easy to navigate mega menu which helped users locate exactly what they were looking for
  • The dashboards designed for the contributors were more user friendly and encouraged them to be involved and take initiative


Our Development team worked to build this platform using HTML 5. Drupal, CSS3 and JAVASCRIPT.. We were working with their pre-estabilished data base built primarily in Drupal. Based on the information gathered during the discovery phase, our team created a custom website design that aligned with WHO’s needs. .We used best industry practices , ensuring responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility, and optimal performance.


Since the platform shares valuable resources and information online, we made sure that the portal was secure from any data hampering or infringement. In order for users to create account we offered the admin complete control on verifying the users before they let users become members. Besides that we integrated captcha, two-factor authentification and made sure they were hosted on a robust server.


Working with Nirvana Canada was a wonderful and insightful experience.

SAMUEL SIEBER, Knowledge Translation & Communication Specialist ; Global Coordination Mechanism on NCDs
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