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9 Essential Elements for Building an Effective Website

Website Design - 7 Nov 2017

9 Essential Elements for Building an Effective Website

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Nothing is more integral to your digital marketing plan than your business website. Your website is essentially your digital spokesperson, which broadcasts your business brand, and the products and services your company offers, to the world.

When it comes to building an effective website, there need to be key elements added, which will help attract potential buyers, boost sales, market your business brand, etc.

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Here are 9 essential elements you can use to build an effective website today:

1. Sensible Navigation

It doesn’t matter what kind of website you’re building, there needs to be sensible navigation, for users to efficiently access all pages of your website, without unnecessary clicks, or searching.

2. Mobile Friendly Design

Much of today’s population utilizes mobile technology for accessing information, somaking your website mobile friendly is important. Make sure your website is easily readable and can be accessed and viewed on any sized screen, from various types of mobile devices.

3. Engaging Content

For websites to be effective, there must be engaging content that is fresh, relevant and kept up-to-date. Stale content will turn off visitors.

4. Quick Page Loading

Humans have short attention spans, so in order to avoid increased bounce rates, your website should be optimized for quick page loading, so use a dedicated server for hosting, eliminate broken links, limit animations, etc.

5. Social Media

A great way to enhance business brand and generate new leads is to include social media channels when building an effective website.

6. High-Quality Images

In order to attract and retain Internet users on a website, high-quality images should be utilized, so that the site looks professional and polished.

7. Effective White Space

When building an effective website, it is important to allocate a certain amount of whitespace, to avoid overcrowding. Too much content and too little white space will only make it visually overwhelming and difficult for site visitors to view information.

8. Contact Information

All business websites should include contact information, so that customers can contact a business representative, should they have any inquiries or concerns.

9. SEO

For any website to be effective it must be optimized for SEO, so that the website appears amongst search engine results for relevant keywords, and in turn, so internet users can find it.

Including essential elements when building a website ensures that the needs of your business, and your customers, are being met.

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