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Content First, Design Second

E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Website Design - 22 Oct 2019

Content First, Design Second

Content is the uncrowned king of your website. It is the content that makes the users visit your site and subscribe to your newsletter and follow you on social media.

In a product design space, “content” is shorthand for “copy.” But it’s not just that. It’s data, images, video, and user-generated content. It’s broad and borderless when recognized as a whole, but the content for a given product or project probably has a distinct shape and construction that will start to inform the website design.

It is essential to have synchronization between the design and content, such that design complements the words and gives users a prompt idea about what you’re trying to say, even without reading the content thoroughly. This is what a content-first design focuses on.

For composing a story within the design, you have to be conscious of the message you aim to communicate through the content. Your visitors will be disappointed if they find discord between your content and design. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to keep content on priority in the process of development.

• Content first speeds production:

Copy usually goes through various rounds of grilling, and each one typically means changes. When content leads design, we’re able to get sign off on what will be on a page before we design it. That means we can reduce surprises, such as text that invades its box or even a placeholder text going live.

And even though designers want to have as much autonomy as possible, they’re also thrilled to see the words “Final Content” on a content document. The structure gives them the freedom they need to comprehend it and get to work. They know precisely what they have to work with, as well as the story they need to move users through.

All the best creative, whether it’s a print ad, landing page, or workflow, represents a cooperative union of parts. The design and copy play off each other, each enhancing the other till you can’t even consider them separately, but see them as parts of a greater whole.

Overall, the content-first approach allows excellent benefits over a design-first approach. Some things are best achieved when done in an appropriate order, and website development is no exception here.

Design is communication, and you can’t communicate if you don’t know what you want to say. So, the next time you start a website design, ask yourself what you’re trying to say and how you’re trying to say it. And make sure there’s a copywriter in on the conversation.

“Content first” is an essential part of our web development process at Nirvana Canada. Whether it’s copy, photos, videos, or anything else, it has to engage and impress the consumer. The more thought out the content is, the better the design will work.

If you are looking for a company to take care of your content and web design, Nirvana Canada is the best option. We are a Vancouver based company that focuses on e-commerce web design and development, SEO and digital marketing. Contact us today and see how we can help your business thrive online.

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