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Five Ways Using a VPN Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Internet Marketing, Online Marketing - 7 Aug 2021

Five Ways Using a VPN Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing

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You may or may not be familiar with VPNs – virtual private networks – but they are essential to your web security, and they are an increasingly helpful tool for your digital marketing.

VPNs were initially developed to provide secure, private network connections for individuals and businesses. Now, these private networks are used by millions worldwide to keep their internet browsing and sensitive data safe from online snoopers.

However, the usefulness of VPNs has evolved past their initial intent, and today marketers are using them as part of a more complete and comprehensive marketing strategy.

So, how exactly does a secure VPN help your marketing?

First, let’s cover the basics of VPNs. In just a few words, a VPN is like an internet mask. Usually, when you sign on to a network, your activity, everything you search for, look at, and download is immediately visible to your internet search provider (ISP). That information is also visible to unscrupulous internet snoops looking to capitalize on data vulnerabilities.

A VPN acts like a mask, covering your IP address and routing all your web traffic through a secured server, hundreds, or even thousands of miles away. This allows you to surf the net safely, securely, and most importantly, anonymously.

Now, let’s go over how the ability to browse in secret helps with your digital marketing.

Boost Your Local SEO – Regardless of Where ‘Local’ Actually Is

Local, organically grown SEO is like the top prize to any digital marker. However, if your target audience is located in a different region from where you are operating, gaining the market insight you need to establish an effective local SEO strategy can be challenging.

A VPN solves that problem by making any region your ‘local’ region. With thousands of remote servers, you can securely connect to a network in India, France, or the US and browse like a local. This is crucial to your local SEO and social media marketing, as where you are browsing will dramatically influence your search results. If you want to market to locals, you need to see what they are seeing.

Get the Most out of Your Search Engine Marketing

As powerful as SEO is, SEM, search engine marketing, remains a vital digital marketing tool. However, when you are paying for your hits, you want to ensure that you are putting out the most impactful message possible. A VPN can help make that happen.

Using a VPN, your marketing team can study the local landscape, and the competition, anonymously, in the wild. They will be able to see SERPs just as potential customers see them and target their ads accordingly.

Keep Tabs on The Competition

Speaking of the competition, keeping an eye on what other industry players are doing is simply smart business. However, you may not want to get caught in the act.

A VPN masks your IP address. You can freely browse the competition, check out their website, blogs, and products, without them being able to see the origin of the web traffic. This information can help your digital marketing team build a competitive marketing strategy and gain insight into potential backlink opportunities without anyone being the wiser.

Make Sure your Private Data Stays Private

Using a VPN not only obscures your IP location but also helps to protect your business’s private information while using public or unsecured Wi-Fi connections.

Marketers often deal with sensitive business and customer information that could result in significant damage if it were to be stolen by internet hackers or cybercriminals. VPNs help to keep all that information secure, through the use of military-grade end-to-end data encryption. Any information that passes through your secure network would be completely unreadable by any enterprising internet thief.

Work Safely from Anywhere

With marketers working from many possible locations and no longer limited to just offices, exposure to public and non-secured networks is much greater than it has been in the past. And since remote working is likely here to stay, the need for VPNs has never been greater.

Typically, browsing on public networks is like sending an invitation to have your data compromised. But with a VPN, anyone can securely work from anywhere there’s an internet connection without having to worry.

Just as the digital world is in a constant state of evolution, the uses for VPNs in this rapidly changing environment have also grown.

Digital marketing is fundamental to a successful business, and VPNs provide digital marketers with the tools they need to perform, track competitors, and develop winning strategies. And in a cutthroat world where the next cyber breach is only a few clicks away, VPNs are helping keep your business safe while they do it.

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