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How Distribution and SEO Can Maximize ROI

Search Engine Optimization - 20 May 2015

How Distribution and SEO Can Maximize ROI

It’s been often said by many social media experts that good content is king, but what would be the point of having good content if it never gets noticed? Shifting from producing good content to dispersing good content is the key to maximizing ROI.

Establishing a solid content distribution network offers benefits such as utilizing lower cost content distribution platforms, unlike other advertising programs, and increasing website views. These particular benefits are big contributors to what is driving the overall popularity of content distribution networks for marketers nowadays.
Here are some content distribution channels which can help businesses maximize their ROI:

• Consider Connecting With Digital Influencers

Finding and engaging Digital influencers can be achieved with a little patience and perseverance through the use of blogging networks, such as Triberr, or platforms, such as Little Bird. Getting in with the “in crowd” isn’t an easy task, but once achieved it can drive measurable results online.

• Use Content Marketing Platforms

As a complement to an existing social media marketing strategy, using a content marketing platform such as Social Hub can do wonders for attracting more visitors, generating leads and converting them into sales, all while automating content marketing and providing analytics that capture engagement via distribution channels.

• Don’t Forget Local Content Distribution

Many businesses fail to think outside the box when it comes to local content distribution. Besides the obvious sources such as local newspapers, radio, magazines etc., companies should consider sourcing out their local chamber of commerce, as they may be able to disseminate local businesses’ information out to their targeted audience. Some local chambers of commerce, offer free submissions for their events calendars, which is a great free resource for any sized company.

• Utilize Social News

With top-notch content that is SEO friendly and captivates readers, using a non-traditional content distribution channel, such as Reddit, can provide better ROI than other social media channels.

Trying out different content distribution networks to see what works best for your business and including great SEO content to ensure a great user experience will only serve to enhance ROI and guarantee online success.

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