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How to Improve Old Site SEO Rankings

Google Update - 30 Jan 2014

How to Improve Old Site SEO Rankings

The SEO ranking of a website determines its positioning on the search engines and thereby, affecting its online business. A website with a poor ranking needs a fresh approach to improve the search engine result pages for it. One needs to use quality SEO services to promote their website with the help of fresh content and the latest trends used by online businesses.

With the passage of time content also ages and becomes outdated and these page rankings slip down and go into obscurity.

Extending the Lifespan of Content

If your older content is targeting valuable keywords that are critical to your brand and those have fallen down in the rankings, then you know it’s time you update that content.

Your older website may be targeting important keywords that are crucial for your business. It would impact on your business if these keyword rankings go down. Therefore, you have to take necessary steps to revitalize your site with fresh content.

Google and other search engines love fresh content on the web pages. If you have an old website with old content, that does not mean you stop working on it.

Start looking at some of the old web pages that has not been updated and gets less traffic. Edit the content or add new content for freshness. You may add the keywords related to your business and help visitors find what they are looking for on your website. Page ranking will improve with unique and fresh content that is updated regularly.

Many individuals are concerned on how to regain the Page Ranking. Updating and improving the old content is a great way to improve rankings.

Improve the Content:


+Tweak around with the old content. Edit it to make it new. You can tweak with the keywords placement and place them uniformly on your web pages. Make sure that you do not stuff keywords and take care that the density of the keywords is not high. Quality On-Page optimization with fresh content and relevant keywords can fetch a lot of potential customers to your site.

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