Apple Pay With Shopify
15 Feb 2017

The How and Why of Apple Pay With Shopify

Posted in Web Development

As far as e-Commerce enterprise solutions go, Shopify stands tall against other well-known online store software solutions, due to its feature rich platform.

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Importance of Digital Customer Experience in 2017
3 Feb 2017

The Importance of Digital Customer Experience in 2017

Posted in Online Marketing

With every passing year, as technology becomes more sophisticated and useful to consumers, providing the best digital customer experience has steadily moved ahead of all other digital elements trends.

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Facebook Advertising Changes We Will See in 2017
30 Jan 2017

4 Facebook Advertising Changes We Will See in 2017

Posted in Social Media Marketing

As the largest and most popular of social media channels in the digital world, it isn’t surprising to know that Facebook is a great platform for advertising businesses.

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Website For Google's Mobile First Index
21 Jan 2017

4 Ways to Optimize Your Website For Google’s Mobile First Index

Posted in Mobile Optimization

There is a new game changer in the world of SERP’s thanks to Google’s latest update, which essentially prioritizes mobile versions of websites over desktop versions of sites in determining search rankings. This new “mobile first index” update being rolled out by Google should wake up digital Marketers who have been placing their focus on […]

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4 Web Design Trends to Consider Using In 2017
16 Jan 2017

4 Web Design Trends to Consider Using In 2017

Posted in Website Design

With the new year now upon us, 2017 presents some new and exciting web design trends which you may want to consider using for your new or existing web project(especially if you are interested in keeping ahead of the online competition). While there were a number of great web design trends last year that helped […]

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Angry Customer and Turn Them Into a Happy One
12 Jan 2017

5 Ways to Win Over an Angry Customer and Turn Them Into a Happy One

Posted in Internet Marketing

While you may be doing the best you can to provide outstanding customer service to your online buyers, you simply can’t always please everyone. The reality is that it is inevitable to have an angry customer somewhere along the line who wasn’t happy with the product they received, or satisfied with the delivery time, etc. […]

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WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal
6 Jan 2017

WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal: An Overview of 3 Popular CMS Platforms

Posted in Web Development

While there are a number of CMS platforms available in today’s market, three of the most popular CMS solutions being used by businesses these days include WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. If you’re considering choosing one of these popular CMS platforms for your next website, consider the following features for each before making your selection: WordPress […]

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shopify ecommerce
3 Jan 2017

Shopify eCommerce 2017: Updates and New Features You’ll Want to Know About

Posted in Shopify

If you are like many other online businesses who have chosen to use Shopify as their eCommerce software solution, you know the many advantages that come with using this eCommerce software platform, such as ease of use, extensive functionality and the number of free, responsive and attractive templates (to name a few). What you may […]

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19 Dec 2016

Cash in on These SEO Tips for the Holiday Season

Posted in Search Engine Optimization

Just like traditional brick and mortar establishments, online businesses want to profit from busy holiday seasons, ranging from Valentine’s Day to Christmas. One of the big ways in which Ecommerce companies can cash in during these annual festive events is to place emphasis on SEO services for their Ecommerce website. In order to ensure Ecommerce […]

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Tips on How to Win a Lead
12 Dec 2016

5 Tips on How to Win a Lead

Posted in Internet Marketing

Generating leads is essential to online businesses, but converting these leads into sales is even more important, as without sales, there is no profit.Today, the Internet is littered with online companies competing for consumer attention. Although challenging, there are techniques for how to win a lead over and convert them into a customer with relative […]

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